2013 Istoria Conference Registration

Conference Details

When: October 3 – 5
Where: Coastal Church (1160 West Georgia St, Vancouver, Canada)
Cost: $99.00 (Student Rates are available – contact us at 604-684-8475 for more details)
Website: www.istoriaconference.com

Istoria Conference Registration

Please go to the Istoria website in order to register for this conference – http://istoriaconference.com/registration/


Istoria is simply the Greek word for story, and the conference is about telling story – whether it is your story, branding a company/ministry, or the great story of redemption. This conference will essentially explore the art of taking a product, organization or even a person and surrounding it or them with a compelling story.

When you really think about it, everyone has a story. If you look at successful organizations such as Starbucks, Apple, or Nike, they all have developed a culture and a following based on powerful storytelling. The only way we’re going to get our message to stick in this century is by telling effective stories. Jesus told effective stories. The way he communicated his message was through parables or stories.

As the conference unfolds we hope you’re able to answer the following:

As an organization what are you here to accomplish?
What is the brand story you want to communicate to your audience?
What is the current perception of your organization?


We are excited to bring in several keynote speakers who are gifted in getting “story” right in this post modern culture. The sessions will include practical as well as inspiring talks from some of the leading storytellers in various industries. We feel in order to communicate with our world today we must understand the craft, discipline and power of storytelling. If we combine these skills with an understanding of the story telling tools, we can be heard above the sea of messages in our media-saturated culture.


The conference is designed to inspire and equip leaders in the church, non-profit and business world. There are sessions with broad strokes for senior leaders and workshops with fine strokes for those producing and writing.


We’re living in a new media world. There are so many alternatives out there to spread your message through, and you have to be able to make a connection. The days of mass media, where the same message was sent to a mass audience because the choices were more limited, those days are gone. Now we filter through the different messages we hear and decide what we want to listen to.

More than ever we have to be intentional about our story and about our message – how we brand our organization. As a church we feel we have the greatest story to tell, but if no one is listening then we’re really not being very effective. This is an opportunity to discover how to be a powerful storyteller for today’s generation.

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