November 24th, 2014 by admin

Andy Hawthorne is the founder of the charity the Message Trust, A Christian mission organization based in Manchester, England that helps over 100,000 young people a year.

In recognition for his services to young people, he was awarded the order of the British Empire in 2011.

Andy proclaims the more we invest in today’s young people the values God gave us in the Bible, the better our society will become.

Liberated From The Grip Of Fear

November 17th, 2014 by admin

In the classic story of Peter walking on water, we find insight on how to overcome the grip of fear.

1. Fear can grip us in the storms of life.

2. Jesus comes to us in the storm.

3. We are liberated from the storm when:

a) We trust and obey.

b) We don’t allow the circumstances on the outside to control us.

c)We keep our eyes on Jesus.

Refuge From Fear

November 13th, 2014 by admin

When trouble comes and we are afraid, God provides a place of refuge where we can find safety.

The refuge God gives us is:

1. Personal
2. Powerful
3. Permanent

Two spiritual principles that bring us into the place of refuge:

1. Pray in the name of the Jesus.
2. Praise the Lord.

Fear Factor

November 4th, 2014 by admin

Fear has been around since the Garden of Eden. Adam’s first words were “I was afraid”. Today we live in a changing world marked by terrorism, the threat of disease, and a host of other fears. Experiencing the fear factor is normal; however, God shows us we do not need to be paralyzed by fear.

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